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BrainWorks is directed by Brandi Lozada-Johnston BCN, QEEG-T candidate, Neurofeedback Board Certified -, Psychology, BA & Dance Educator (State of NM Licensed Teacher pre K-12 Performing Arts and Physical ). 

As an Advanced Competency Board Certified Neurofeedback Practitioner and eight years’ experience providing Neurofeedback services to address emotional, learning, performance skills and stress-related concerns, I am confident of my ability to make a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of my clients. With an extensive background in teaching and education in dance and performing arts, I have seen first-hand how the mind and body can train together to enhance health while increasing confidence and aiding self-realization. 

This experience compelled me to pursue the burgeoning field of Neurofeedback which has been scientifically proven to greatly improve brain function and treat a wide range of issues, including brain dysregulations, sleep disturbances, and learning disorders in addition to serving as an affordable way to optimize cognitive functioning (concentration, flexibility, & memory) and upgrade athletic performance. I offer proven expertise assessing client needs and goals, developing and administering Neurofeedback training plans, documenting and analyzing progress, and adjusting Neurofeedback protocols to improve training effectiveness. I would be pleased to continue my record of success as your next Neurofeedback Coach. See client testimonials below.

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Brainworks Neurofeedback offers a welcoming and comfortable office setting. Consultations are free. You can call, or email to set up an appointment to discuss Neurofeedback treatment for your symptoms and desired goals.

What To Expect: First to learn if Neurofeedback is Right for You, if so:

1. Confidentiality and private conference to assess, test, chart, agree and outline your individualized training protocol.

2. Schedule appointments

3. Recording your brain waves for Brain Mapping - which will assess issues of brain regulation concerns and target symptoms for Neurofeedback training. EEG Expert evaluation if valuable for outcomes.

4. Neurofeedback training sessions, individual evaluation chart, evaluate progress with post Brain Mapping, charts, EEG Expert Report and monitor personal target goals.

Sessions are for two to three times a week and are completed within an hour. The average time to complete training is two to three months.


My name is Carrie, I am the parent of a teenage daughter that received neurofeedback therapy from Brainworks , Brandi was her therapist. Brainworks came highly recommended from the PNP Diagnostic center in Dallas Texas. 

I am in the alternative/holistic health field. It was important to me to get effective care for my daughter without using the common and often harmful drugs used for depression and anxiety. My daughter struggled with drug use, impulsivity, Low self-esteem as well as severe anxiety and depression .  

My daughter received approximately 30 sessions of NFB. And this time the therapist Brandi kept in very close contact with myself and my daughter. She did this so she could effectively plan my daughters next session. I started to see changes in my daughter immediately. My daughter seemed very emotional in the beginning but then I really started to see her become a much calmer happier person.I am thankful and happy to say that my daughter lives a drug-free less angry and productive life. She had previously done lots of talk therapy which I still value, but she would not be where she is without her NFB sessions. 


Neurofeedback from[ Marcus Cohen age 68 years.

My first neurofeedback session showed high-amplitude waves of excitation sweeping my right hemisphere, while my left hemisphere had little visible activity at all. This corresponded to a state visualization and ideation, not uncommon to me. As I recall I had taken my prescribed ADHD medication that morning, which perhaps exacerbated this right-hemisphere "brain storm". I subsequently discontinued use of this medication.

My next session was several days after a car accident in which I had received a concussion. Activity was low on both sides, resembling a sleep state.

In my next few sessions, we went through training paradigms of both reward and active observation and balancing of local activity. I learned to decrease "brain storms" in favor of regular resting rythms in the right hemisphere, and balance out activity between hemispheres.

What is remarkable are the concurrent subjective changes I felt happening in my conscious and reflective mind with this hemispheric "reconnection". I felt my intuitive "leaps" subject to rational scrutiny and my rational thought processes extended and enriched by intuition.

Oddly enough, my initial emotional reaction was a sadness that such integration had not come earlier in my life. This was, however, quickly replaced with hope to use this powerful tool of neurofeedback training to further balance and condition that powerful engine, my brain. 

Ms. Johnston helped our 6 year-old son regulate his emotions by focusing his attention and relaxing his body. He learned how to lower his anxiety (i.e., went to school without melting down) and learned how to redirect his anger (i.e., telling us he was angry versus immediately acting out). I think we're continuing to learn how to be less reactive as a family, verbalize what our needs are, breathe and relax. In addition, Ms. Johnston is an experienced teacher so she wasn't intimidated by our son's intensity (and charm-optional). I highly recommend Ms. Johnston & BrainWorks


Mother of 3

Licensed Psychologist 

Other Services Available

Ms. Johnston's unique combination of expertise with experienced health associates (pain-free, psychologist, massage, yoga and fitness team) can provide you additional personal development towards reaching your goals. Ms. Johnston has over 25 years practicing mindful meditation, physical and performance readiness. As you begin to experience, focus, and success from Neurofeedback training, you may look forward to increasing your fitness level, reduce body pain due to misalignment or just need a Psychologist that can understand and guide you. When you experience the freedom of daily distracting symptoms, you may look forward to improving other aspects of your life and we are here to help. 

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

(575) 405 - 4142 for a consultation.

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