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Neurofeedback, also called EEG Biofeedback, that makes use of the brain’s capacity for change to reshape brain networks. It is a learning strategy (neuroplasticity) that enables a person to alter their own brain waves for improvement.

NFB is a research-supported treatment to sharpen attention, relieve anxiety, enhance mood, and improve learning and behaviors without medication (or reduced).

For more information on how training is performed:

BrainWorks Provides an objective Brain Mapping assessment and measuring tool to all their Clients

You can observe your brain activity in real-time and view a session report after each Neurofeedback session.

An extensive qEEG (quantitative electroencephalograph) brain analysis report is also available to track brain region changes. Measures progress you are making with Neurofeedback training and can be used to track other healthcare practices. See how your brain is changing.

How Is Neurofeedback Done?

Brainwave activity is measured with an (EEG). The EEG equipment is connected to the individual with sensors that are attached the scalp and ears. The sensors are safe, do not prick the skin and are painless. They do not involve the application of any voltage or current to the brain. It’s entirely safe and non-invasive. Clients are taught to play movies or computerized games using their brainwave activity. Changes in client brainwave activity are fed back to the individual through visual and/or auditory, sensory information by the computer.  

View the videos link below for real client sessions.

View: Videos-link on the Reference Page on this website

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